I’m bored. In fact, I’m bored beyond recognition.  I have this pesky day job that does not offer me any kind of challenge. My boss keeps shoving more boring stuff up my desk. Nobody recognizes my talents for what they are. I’ve had several jobs, and while they all start out great, after a while the gloss wears off and they are exposed for what they are: day jobs. It doesn’t matter what kind of job, it all boils down to this: somebody tells you to do something you don’t really want to do. At least, not for someone else. 

Since you’re visiting this blog, I’m sure you’re having the same thoughts. Not only do you feel discontent with having a boss, you’re also having these great ideas about customer service, quality, human resources, marketing. You’re confident that you’d do so much better when you’d be in charge…  I was having these same thoughts. It just hit me: I want to be an entrepeneur. And, since I need the money and securtiy of my day job, I’m going to do it during work hours. And blog about it!