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Ethics of roaching
signpostStarting up a business while at your job doesn’t sound really ethical, right? You’re getting paid to do your job, sbut you’re NOT actually doing your job. That’s like, slacking, right? Even worse than slacking!

Well, no. First of all, slacking isn’t that bad. This article from CNN Money points out that slacking is a way to recharge your batteries, come up with new business ideas, and to strengthen bonds between co-workers.

The fact that you’re reading this blog tells me you’re not satisfied with your job. So, in terms of motivation, you’re at the bottom end of the spectrum. You procrastinate every menial, pointless task your boss hands you, and you count down the hours until the day is done. I know, I feel exactly the same. So here’s the deal: when you know you can do so much fun and important stuff for your own startup, you don’t delay your day job tasks. You do them first. Or, even better: when the boss is watching. Look at it this way: are you getting paid to work for a certain amount of hours, or are you getting paid to do a certain amount of work?


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