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boredThere are numerous things that you can do at your paid dayjob that will help you startup your own company. You can use your company-issue desktop computer for all of them. To help you get started, I’ll name¬†you 5:

  1. Learn HTML. There are so many online courses on the internet and several good free HTML editing software programs. Take advantage of these, and save money on website design!
  2. Build a network using Ning or Linkedin.
  3. Keep up with the latest news. Outlook has an exellent RSS reader built into it. Subscribe to your favorite blogs and receive all that useful information in your mailbox. It’ll look like you’re actually working!
  4. Conduct market research, scavenging the internet for useful information
  5. Write your business plan

So… the next time you’re procastinating (that’s putting off) one of your boring tasks, take advantage of that time. Plus: to your boss, it’ll seem like you’re actually being productive. It sure beats patience!


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