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Calculating risk

Roaching or starting up your company the old way: pros and cons
  Quitting your day job now Roaching your startup
Time You have more time on your hands. However, you’ll probably work day and night to grow your business as soon as possible, creating a big dent in your personal life. You can’t do it all during work hours, but you can do most of it. Sure, you’ll work some evenings, but you can distribute the available free time evenly between your startup and your personal life.
Freedom Ah, the freedom of not having a boss anymore… Yeah, it sucks having to work your day job longer. But trust me, you can face the criticism of your boss a whole lot better knowing you’re working on your dream in his time…
Money Money is tight. Maybe you got the loan from the bank, but these times banks aren’t too happy lending out cash without any form of security. And without the steady flow of income, getting groceries or paying the vet gets kinda, well, anxious. On the plus side, the best money in the world is the money you’ve earned with your own business. Steady flow of income, securing your lifestyle until the point your startup can take over. Downside: it’ll take longer. Plus side: you won’t have a (big) debt.
Security Virtually nonexistent. No security of income and, unless you’re willing to pay big bucks for it, no insurance whatsoever. Security of income and insurance

Which one would you choose?


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